The arrow points north…

Village center with Smith property outlined, looking northeast. Click to enlarge.

Village center with Smith property outlined, looking south. Click to enlarge.

For perspective, here are two aerial views of the property that Bolton Crossing is proposing to develop into a commercial shopping center. Click the picture to enlarge. The property is located in the heart of the village, dead center in the Bolton Center National Register Historic District. The development would include a grocery, a drugstore, and 347 parking spaces. The lot has about 224 feet of frontage on 117 at the corner of Main and Wattaquadock, and extends back up the hill approximately 1,000 feet. As you can see from the developer’s concept site plan in the previous post, nearly the entire lot would be covered with buildings or pavement.


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5 Responses to The arrow points north…

  1. scottie held says:

    thank you for doing this blog, Roland. we definitely need this community bulletin board. I don’t understand why in this economy, with the shopping center in hudson dead in the water (except for Loews), all the empty or struggling business-zoned properties already built in bolton, this ambitious project is even contemplated.
    Any thoughts on this?

  2. Nancey says:

    I truly feel we need something, but not all of this. We need more of a town center, something quiant and classy and not a big chain strip mall. Certainly not something that needs 347 parking spots. I work in Concord and they manage to have a bustling busy beautiful downtown and there is not a chain around on the Main Street. Is there a way to tone it down a bit without completely getting rid of this plan? I’m in support of some sort of retail, but certainly not of this magnitude!

  3. Michael & Melanie says:

    Since we live in the House pictured from the Historical Society, and impacted daily with the traffic. Feel that this is alott for the center to handle. Am in favor of developing the Smith property. And glad that a local is taking intrest in doing so. But think the plan needs to be toned down. This town is a destination for many. If you create a village atmosphere with resuraunts and smaller shops with alott more green space. That would fit better than any big box or chain store. Hudson is only 10 minutes away. And they have everything we need. And very glad they have it in thier town and not ours. Thats what makes this town special.

    The easement also makes me very uncomfortable…That would need to be addressed as well I think.


  4. Trebor says:

    A drug store would be nice. What most people don’t understand is older people who can’t get out much, who don’t drive need to get to a drug store too. I’m not in favor of a big box store either, but this town needs to move forward and be more progressive. At this time there are three developments being built in Bolton…one the biggest ever and we need something to attract these people here. Hudson, have you tried driving through hudson, anytime. For people have lived in NE all their life, they sure don’t understand a rotary…

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