Two roads diverged

Dave Wylie submitted a sage comment yesterday that began by describing a photo of the corner of Main Street and Harvard Road around 1900. Here it is, courtesy of the Bolton Historical Society.

© Bolton Historical Society. Used by permission.

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6 Responses to Two roads diverged

  1. Theresa Hoberman says:

    I think it would be wonderful to have a nice shopping area downtown with quaint shops – as long as the signage, etc. is appropriate. We should be grateful that a developer is willing to clean up the area and turn it into something attractive.

    Wouldn’t a Trader Joe’s or some other small specialty food store be great! And it would be so nice to have a place to meet friends in town, have coffee or lunch and do some errands at the same time.

    When I think of towns that are desirable to live in, they all have nice shops downtown.

  2. How about seeing the glass as half full? says:

    I would love to see that area cleaned up and commend these developers for taking it on. I agree with Theresa. My guess is that in regards to the sizes of the buldings, the thought was how small can it be and yet be sucessful? Do you know the average WalMart Supercenter is 180,000 sq. feet? When I think 30,000 I see Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, etc. – FANTASTIC! For the pharmacy? Most small privately owned pharmacies are gone. We all use the chains – CVS, etc. Yes even CVS can be attractive if done the right way. Bottom line for me – something should be done there and I’m excited about what I see in this project for many reasons. I like the responses from Dave Drugge. Too often in development we see the glass half empty.

  3. Nancey says:

    I agree 100% with the other replies up top. Want so badly for this project to go forward, but just want to be a part of the planning for it and want to make sure it is what goes along with the personality of our town. I would hate to see this project die and for that hideous eyesore to be left as is. Looking at that gas station and then further down the street to the sad little – what is left of the antique store is appalling for our pretty Town. I was saddened, however to hear that David Drugge would not commit to allowing Per Chance or what becomes of the old antique place a couple of parking spaces, I really thought this was a community effort? Any retail shop will die out without proper parking. come on, a little sharing is what it is all about, no?

    • David Drugge says:

      Its not that I would not comment… but if you heard me we are neighbors and what do neighbors do for their neighbors…I guess read between the lines is in order. I do consider myself a good neighbor. 🙂

  4. Susan Tripp says:

    I think putting in a Trader Joes or Whole Food store or one of their competitors is a wonderful idea. I love the idea of being able to buy groceries in Bolton. It could be that one of the big chains like Hannafords would be willing to put in a SMALL store. Not everything needs to be supersized to be profitable.

  5. Joan Entwistle says:

    Whole Foods or Trader Joes could not come to Bolton center without major road widenting, since stores such as these would need to attract residents from all of the surrounding towns. Such widening would destroy the character of our town center. Tom Parker mentioned that there is a location next to the Country Cupboard that would work very well for this, without requiring widening and reconstructing main street.

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