When it rains it pours

The  multi-tenant property known as The Salt Box, a Main Street commercial landmark, is expected to be offered at a foreclosure auction next Wednesday, August 11. Details are here. In addition to the commercially zoned 2.64 acres indicated in the ad (shown shaded in red below), it appears that lots totaling an additional 8+ acres will also be offered. The total property described in the Notice of Sale is outlined below (click to enlarge). Information is from the Mortgagee’s Sale of Real Estate Notice and Town Assessor’s Maps (which may or may not be exactly accurate).


Click to enlarge.

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10 Responses to When it rains it pours

  1. Trebor says:

    I can almost understand this happening. Just driving by the building it looks like a dump. I see weeds all around, it’s dark, needs a good cleaning and staining and it needs a lot of sprucing up for people to see this as place for their business. I was thinking of starting a business in or near town center and didn’t even think of “The Salt Box” because I thought it was already closed. I would love to own this building and bring it back to life, but I’m not sure that would be in keeping with the character of the town…

    • Richard F. Jones says:

      As the current tenant of the property (the parsonage of the First Parish of Bolton for most of the last 140 years) which, as the photo shows, is fairly boxed in by the Plante land that is up for auction, I encourage Trebor, whomever he or she is, to attend the auction and make a bid. At least the Saltbox, while needing a face-lift, looks somewhat more as if it belongs in the center of Bolton than things that could take its place were it to fall into the hands of a developer who may not care about how a property looks or how it fits.

  2. Joan Entwistle says:

    Is all of the land zoned commercial? Are there any wetlands on the site? I hope the planning board can get going on the design guidelines and the village overlay district zoning changes very soon.

    • boltoncenter says:

      Checking on this, but I believe that the 2.64 acres containing the current building and parking area (shaded in red on the photo) is currently zoned for business, and the rest of the property is zoned as residential. I believe that there are wetlands on some of the residentially-zoned areas.

  3. d017 says:

    The repairs needed on the Saltbox appear to exceed the value of the property. Tearing it down and replacing it with a building that looks similar, but is properly constructed, and meets ADA accessibility codes would be desirable, but tearing the building down would result in a requirements that limit viability. It will be interesting to see if anyone bids on this property.

  4. Christie Mayo says:

    I would love to see a restaurant at the present location of The Salt Box. I picture one in looks and quality similar to The Old Mill in Westminster. ( disclaimer: I haven’t been there for a looong time because of distance –I am referring to what I remember in times past.) Perhaps it could be open just for evening and Sunday dinners –or possibly also a Pub with casual meals at lunch.

    What would other people like to see at the location of The Salt Box?

    • boltoncenter says:

      Indeed. A restaurant in the existing building is an interesting idea. Certainly something like the Old Mill, or Bull Run, or Barbers Crossing–all would seem the kind of place that would fit well in a building of that style. One could even imagine a place like the Road House moving in there. Or Great Brook (the cafe part). Much better exposure. I could even see a place like Not Your Average Joe’s (acton) in there-remodeled in a kind of tasteful country contemporary style. I always wondered why the little country-store luncheonette that was in there didn’t do very well–I used to go there once in a while for lunch, often the only customer there. Fairly serious investment required to add that scale of commercial kitchen and top-to-bottom remodeling and make necessary repairs and comply with food service codes. There is also the issue of an additional liquor license in town, not a simple matter. The town would have to look at impact as well–while a successful restaurant of that scale may not have the impact as say a grocery or drug store, there could quite a bit of impact to be concerned with at that location. But, with some vision, energy….and money, who knows.

  5. Trebor says:

    I would like to see that also. The choices for restaurants close to home is very limited. I would like to see a coffee shop/bakery.

  6. Trebor says:

    It’s great that the town would have to look at the impact of a liquor license to have a good resturant. Maybe the winery has some political clout? But regarding impact, the town didn’t hesitate, much, with the building of the Century Mill Estates and back roads here cannot handle the influx of traffic, trucks…etc. People walk their pets, ride their bike and use these back streets frequently. Tell me that impact of another 200 cars and trucks on a daily basis is not going to be significant? It’s going to be disasterous, but the town allowed it to happen not caring about the people here but their own politicle pockets.
    The reason people left the Salt Box is because the rent was raised too high to be affordable. So, If I purchased the location (which I’m not, too much crap to deal with here) the rents would be competitive and worth it. I’m looking at another location for my business venture…I just don’t understand Bolton?

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