Evening shadows

A quiet summer evening, August 6, 2010. Photo: Roland Ochsenbein

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2 Responses to Evening shadows

  1. Jamie Weliver says:

    I’m thoroughly enjoying your photographs Roland. What modes are you using to get these perspectives? Aircraft?

    Also, kudos for a wonderful start to a long needed alternative source of town related information. I look forward to seeing how new media this will shape our old town’s future!

    • boltoncenter says:

      Thanks. You are referring to the aerial photos I assume. Multiple platforms. I took the photos in the post “The Arrow Points North…” this spring from an airplane (was actually taking aerial shots of the new library). The photo on the masthead is an old one shot from a helicopter. The photo in this post was taken with a technique known as KAP–Kite Aerial Photography–by a camera hung from a kite on a special suspension system (a “Picavet”). This last is a new thing for me and I’m having fun with it. If you see a kite in the air around town, it’s probably me. I know, I’m nuts.

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