Smith property update

A story in The Item today reports that the Bolton Crossing LLC option to purchase the Smith property has lapsed. No extension has been agreed upon. Click here for full story.

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4 Responses to Smith property update

  1. Trebor says:

    Great, now that eye-sore is going to sit there longer. While it adds to the historical character of the town?

  2. Stephanie says:

    Shouldn’t The Item be quoting more than one person for quality? This reads like a synopsis of a ten minute phone conversation with the developer. Lazy reporting. Uninspiring article.

  3. Charlie Martello says:

    Quote more than one person for quality ? Should the reporter have asked Mrs Barry for her side of the story ? It is obvious she does not care about the appearance of the property or her Town Center nieghbors. Maybe the reporter should have asked our Fire Chief about the newly discovered underground tank that should have , by law, been removed long ago and also asked if the un-occupied building or buildings should be boarded up and secured for fire safety reasons. The reporter also should have contacted DEP and asked how much more time will pass before they order clean up of the property to begin. I agree lazy reporting. So much more could have been done !

  4. d017 says:

    We should be thankful the Item is covering what’s going on in Bolton. It appears the Bolton Common has no interest in doing so. It would be great if there were competition among newspapers to cover the news, but that’s just not happening.

    Since there’s such strong opposition to anything happening with the Smith property, it will sit as is for another decade, likely leaching more toxins into the soil and into the stream that runs in a culvert beneath the property.

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