Let’s recap

This blog has been live now for 60 days. It seems as if it has been around much longer than that, but the first post went out on July 13. So here is a short recap.

Most popular posts, by number of page views (not including “Home Page”):

  1. Hi
  2. Since you asked
  3. What About UMass Crossing?
  4. When it rains it pours
  5. The arrow points north
  6. So what’s the fuss?

These posts are mostly the oldest ones on this site, but also reflect the reason it was started. If you are new to this blog, read “Hi”, then start with #6 and work your way up this list to #2. You’ll then have a pretty good sense of what it’s all about. Read the comments, too. They are enlightening.

Here are some other numbers:

  • Page views (total since inception): about 13,000
  • Average page views per weekday: 300
  • Number of posts: 34
  • Number of comments: 140
  • Number of email subscribers: 60

These numbers still surprise and please me. For a neighborhood blog coming out of a very small town, they are impressive. Shows how much interest there is in this topic.

And hey, although the ratio of comments to posts is about 4-to-1, the ratio of page views to comments is close to 100-to-1. So all you readers and lurkers out there, don’t be afraid to opine with a comment!  As long as they are decent, I’ll post them. What does “decent” mean? It means that in my opinion they are not snarky, off-topic, libelous, defamatory, abusive, harassing, threatening, profane, pornographic, offensive, false, misleading, or otherwise violate or encourage others to violate an accepted sense of decorum and civility or any law, including intellectual property laws. We have to have some rules, right?   😉

So, we’ll keep plugging away at this. I suspect that there will be lots of news over the coming months. Stay tuned. Even though there appears to be a hiatus with regard to the sale of the Smith property (and also the Salt Box), there remains a motivated seller and something is going to happen at this keystone location, sooner or later. And whatever it is will go a long way toward determining the character, use, livability, viability, historical authenticity, attractiveness, vibrancy, and future of the town center.


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