Moving day for Bolton PD

Chief Alfano

A small historic moment occurred this morning when Police Chief Vin Alfano, in “civvies” on moving day, picked up a few remaining items from his office in the Houghton Building on Main Street. An era came to a close at the familiar old building.

Today the Bolton Police Department officially began operations from its new home at the recently dedicated Public Safety Building on Wattaquadock Hill Road. The department had been operating out of the 1849 Houghton Building, its first and only home, since 1971. Prior to that, officers were dispatched from their homes or cars. It is believed that until today the town had the distinction of having the oldest dedicated police building in Massachusetts.

The new Public Safety Building houses police, fire, emergency medical services, and a state-of-the-art dispatch center. No decision has been made regarding a future use for the Houghton Building.


Moving out.

Moving in.

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One Response to Moving day for Bolton PD

  1. Barbara Brown, Ret, Bolton P.O. says:

    For many years the Bolton Police worked out of the front area of the upstairs of the Houghtion Building. The Selectmen had a room in the rear of the upstairs. The Bolton Town Clerk’s Office and other town offices were on the first floor. After the town offices returned to the Town Hall, the Police Dept took over the downstairs for serving the public, dispatch and work area with desks for the officers. Chief’s and Sargeant’s offices were upstairs on the second floor. Many good dedicated people worked in this building to sreve the people of the town..

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