Salt Box auctioned

This time it happened. Today’s rescheduled foreclosure auction of the familiar Salt Box building and the four lots associated with it concluded with an emphatic “Sold!” from the auctioneer. The previous attempt at auctioning the property, in August, had been postponed at the last moment.

All four contiguous lots, totaling approximately 11 acres in the town center (outlined in red in the photo below), were included in the sale. The Salt Box building itself sits on a 2.64 acre lot zoned for business use (shaded red in photo below). The other 3 lots are zoned for residential use (shaded green in photo below).

The successful bidder was a person connected with the owners of the Bolton House of Pizza. After the auction, the bidder indicated that his preliminary plans are to find good tenants and improve the existing building. The Bolton House of Pizza is the only remaining tenant in the complex.

The winning bid was $690,000. In addition, there are current and back taxes due totaling about $85,000. The sale was on an “as is” basis and was expected to close within 45 days.

About 40 people attended the auction, held in the parking lot. Of the approximately one dozen parties that registered to bid, four were actively bidding.


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3 Responses to Salt Box auctioned

  1. Jonathan Keep says:

    How much of the 2 residential lots West of the Saltbox would be categorized as wetland?

    • boltoncenter says:

      It is my understanding that there is considerable wetland on the two residential lots to the west of the Salt Box building itself. I have heard from those familiar with the area that the two lots combined may contain enough build-able space for one house.

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