Possible Smith developer at Planning Board

Christopher F. Nash, the developer who holds a current purchase agreement on the Smith property, will be appearing before the Planning Board on Wednesday 12/8 at 9 pm. Mr. Nash is expected to discuss preliminary proposals for commercial redevelopment of the property. He has hired the Bolton firm of Ducharme & Dillis for engineering studies.

Mr. Nash is also expected to be meeting with the Board of Selectmen on Dec 16.  Reports are that he intends to bring a change of zoning article to the Annual Town Meeting in May, 2011. A change in zoning is required in order to allow business use.

Mr. Nash is the principal of Topsfield Associates, Inc., a commercial real estate broker and developer. A sampling of articles citing his company can be viewed here, herehere, and here.


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1 Response to Possible Smith developer at Planning Board

  1. Stephanie says:

    From the articles cited, it sounds like Mr. Nash has been involved in town center development and has come up against resistance from residents. I would like to see if any of these projects went through despite that resistance and what the finished development looked like. It sounds like BIG is what he has in mind.

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