Salt Box redevelopment

The mostly vacant Salt Box building may be “demised,” a consultant representing the new owners told the Planning Board at an introductory meeting on January 26. The complex was auctioned last November under foreclosure. The consultant, Tom Geagan of Regional Consulting Company in Acton, MA, said that although no final decisions have been made as to the fate of the existing structure, development of the building is “a challenge” due to layout, condition, and not being up to current codes.

Planning for the redevelopment of the site is in the early stages. The consultant suggested that perhaps 3 or 4 freestanding “pad sites” would replace the existing rambling structure. A pad site could house retail such as a bank or a restaurant, though Geagan said that no agreements are in place at this time. He indicated that current thinking is to confine commercial use to the existing 2.64 acre business-zoned parcel, and that the remaining 8+ acres, which is mostly undeveloped woodland that is residentially zoned, could possibly include new residential housing together with additional ancillary use such as parking, water supply, and septic serving the business use. He acknowledged the need to find ways to facilitate traffic flow into and out of the complex.

The property totals 11 acres with over 900 feet of frontage on Main Street. There are wetlands on portions in the rear. The property is within the historic district and surrounded by residential dwellings.

Click here to listen to the full discussion (about 14 minutes). 

The business-zoned portion of the property is shaded in red below; the residential portion is shaded in green. Lot boundaries shown are approximated.


Click to enlarge.

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