Smith Forum broadcast available on demand

In case you missed it, this important forum is available for viewing at any time here. (This on-demand capability is, as I understand it, new and being piloted by BATCO…what a great thing they are doing!)

Below are the slides that were presented at the forum. The first set were prepared and presented by Jennifer Burney, Town Planner, and they detail some of the history and zoning scenarios associated with the parcel. The second set are from my presentation of the Partners For Planning concept for a town green and housing. Partners For Planning is a community group concerned with preserving the historic village center. More detail about this effort in a follow-up post.

According to Jennifer, about 110 people attended the multi-board hosted public forum, which outgrew the original location in the library and was held in the Florence Sawyer School Auditorium.

If you were there, what did you think about it?


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1 Response to Smith Forum broadcast available on demand

  1. Jen Durette says:

    I attended the recent presentation on options for the town center. I am fairly new to Bolton, and one of the main reasons my husband and I selected this town over others in the area is its unique rural character. Of the options proposed, I thought the concepts presented by Partners for Planning were the most promising.

    Admittedly, the property is right now a bit of an eye sore, but the thought of turning it into a commercial zone is not very appealing. First, it would detract from the character of the town. Second, as several people mentioned at the meeting, there are already unoccupied commercial spaces available in town and adding more without filling these first seems unproductive. Lastly, I feel there is more than ample commerce to meet the community’s needs in the surrounding towns. Could retail in Bolton really successfully compete with the existing retail in Hudson, Clinton, Lancaster, and Berlin?

    The Partners proposals offer a nice alternative that reflects our town’s unique New England character and provides a friendly community gathering space. I very much appreciate all the effort the team has put into this so far — Partners’ ideas seem to be well-researched and realistic. I look forward to learning more about Partners’ concepts and the feasibility of their proposals. Thank you for all the time and energy you are devoting to this important opportunity.

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