And the food was good too

Over 50 town center residents and friends gathered at Davis Hall on a Sunday evening earlier this month for an old-fashioned neighborhood get together. The invitation called it a “We Love Our Neighborhood Potluck Dinner.” It was wet and raw outside but warm and friendly inside, and everyone had a great time, especially, it seemed, the children. After dinner, Rev. Richard Jones (a village resident) welcomed all with a brief history of the hall and the long tradition of potluck dinners in Bolton, Police Chief Vin Alfano (a village resident) said a few words about the department’s new Adopt A Neighbor program, I (a village resident) gave an update on discussions and activities related to the Smith property and the Salt Box property, Steve Bing (a village resident) spoke about a proposal going before the Selectmen soon to study the possibility of creating a Local Historic District in the town center, and there were additional community announcements. It’s what living in a small town is all about.

—Roland (photos by Barbara and Gail)

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