Mary Hogan’s daughter has a library card

” I believe that public libraries are among, if not the, most important, most marvelous of all of our American institutions.”

David McCullough

This week is National Library Week. It is a time to show love for our libraries and we have a wonderful one right here in Bolton to give it up for. If in your appreciation you feel inspired to write some poetry, you can submit your masterpiece by Wednesday to the National Library Week Twaiku Contest here. What’s a twaiku? In short, it’s a tweeted haiku. I’m not making this up.

Our library reopened in February of 2010 after a major expansion and renovation. Attendance was 43,000 in the eleven months the new library was open last year. That’s nearly 9 visits for every adult and child in town, a rate that is double the state and nationwide averages. That number is even more striking in light of the fact that 1,800 or so residents of Bolton do not have a library card (3,139 do have one). If you don’t have a card, National Library Week is as good an excuse as any to get one. Look what you can do with it–get books, magazines, movies, music, audio books, ebooks, databases. It takes 30 seconds and it’s free! And you don’t need to submit a twaiku to win.

In the spirit of National Library Week, here is a short but moving video that explains the title of this post. It is the maiden speech of our own State Rep, Kate Hogan, before the Massachusetts House of Representatives, in 2009. The topic is public libraries. Enjoy.


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