Stats: education expense—how we compare

The most contentious item at Monday’s Annual Town Meeting—don’t forget to go!—will likely be the school assessment portion of the town budget. You may hear different versions of numbers about how much we spend on schools, but these are the “official” figures that the state publishes. The Nashoba Regional per pupil expenditures for FY’10 were $12,521. Bolton spent 61.9% of its town budget (total general funds) on education in FY’10, and 62.75% of its town budget on education in FY’09. Here is how we compare in those two categories to our list of 10 comparison towns.

Top: Per pupil education expenditures, FY ’10. Numbers reflect regional district figures, except for Harvard which is not regionalized. Bottom: School spending as a percentage of total town budget, FY’09 (latest year available for all comp towns).

Per Pupil Education Expenditures—FY'10, Mass DOE

School Spending As Percent of Town Budget—FY'09, Mass DOR

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