An Antique Fourth

Watching the Fourth of July parade pass along Main Street in Bolton last year.

This antique house along the parade route dates to within a few years of the founding of the country. It was built around 1780 by Joseph Sawyer, a patriot who had fought in the Revolutionary War and in fact had marched with the militia to Lexington on April 19, 1775, a day that we now commemorate as Patriot’s Day. The antique flag that hangs on the antique house is from around 1864, the time of the Civil War. The antique man who sits draped in bunting on the front yard of the antique house…is ageless.

American history is closer than you might think.


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1 Response to An Antique Fourth

  1. Dave Wylie says:

    So keep advertising, night lights, parking lots, fast food, and all the rest of RoadTown, USA off our Main Street. It’s a TREASURE!

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