Selectmen review Salt Box plans

One of several conceptual views of Bolton Plaza, aka The Salt Box, shown to the Selectmen on 9/8/11. Main Street (not shown) is to the right in this view. Click to enlarge.

The Board of Selectmen met last Thursday with the new owners of the Salt Box property and reviewed proposed conceptual renderings for a commercial redevelopment of the familiar site at 626 Main Street. The new site plan identifies the project as “Bolton Plaza.” Four new buildings would replace the single building currently on the property. They would be arranged in what the proponents described as a “village setting.” Total square footage under roof  is about 25,000. Parking is shown at 145 spots, although the owners suggested that the number was set by zoning requirements, not by need.

The owners identified the three smaller buildings as likely a restaurant, a bank, and a coffee shop. Dunkin’ Donuts was mentioned at a previous meeting as a possible tenant for the coffee shop. The fourth and largest building was described by the owners as a “strip plaza.” The owners indicated that they have letters of intent in hand for some tenants and would build out the project in phases, if approved.

Accommodations for traffic, water, and septic were not discussed.

Proposed conceptual site plan. Main Street is at top. Click to enlarge.

Planning Board representatives in attendance indicated that the concept reflects some characteristics allowed by the village overlay bylaw changes currently under draft review, but the Planning Board has not decided whether to go forward with them.  The conceptual plan does not conform to current zoning bylaw in numerous areas, and would require significant public support in order to gain the necessary approvals, variances, and town meeting zoning change votes that would be required, according to the Planning Board members. It was also recommended that the owners review the plans with the newly created Design Review Committee. The property is located in the National Register Historic District.

What do you think?

[You can watch the discussion here. It starts at the 24-minute point—drag the hash bar forward on the progress bar at the bottom of the picture to the 24-minute point.]


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