Environmental experts discuss Smith property

On September 29, Partners For Planning hosted a forum at the library to explore contamination issues at the Smith garage property on Main Street. A panel of three environmental officials were on hand to share information about the site and about resources available to the town should the town purchase the site.

The meeting was attended by about 30 residents and town officials.

The meeting is available to watch on-demand: click here to view the meeting. Total time is 58 minutes, but you can skip around easily by dragging the vertical line on the progress bar at the bottom of the picture. Highlights:

  • Beginning: Overview by Roland
  • 9-minute point—Ben Erikson, Brownfields Unit Chief, Office of the Attorney General, speaks about legal protections available to the town through a “covenant not to sue.”
  • 20-minute point—Diane Belliveau, Mass DEP Section Chief, gives a history of the DEP filings on the site since 2005.
  • 28-minute point—Chris Mariano, P.G., LSP, gives a detailed explanation of the nature and extent of contamination and discusses remediation possibilities. Highly recommended.
  • 38-minute point—questions from audience.
  • 54-minute point—discussion of Smith contamination vs DPW barn cleanup. The answer is informative.

We hope you find this helpful.


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