Take the Historic District Survey

Dear Bolton Property Owner,

The Local Historical District Study Committee would like your input in establishing a local historic district in the center of Bolton. The Area (see map below) would include the existing National Historic District on Main Street (from Sugar Road to Harvard Road), and Wattaquadock Hill Road (from Main Street to Memorial Field)(includes 76 structures, over 90% are over 100 years old).

The Local Historic District has been specifically identified as an important tool for Bolton in the 1998 Preservation Plan, the 2001 Archeological Survey, the 2006 Master Plan and the 2006 Reconnaissance report by MA Dept of Conservation and Rec.  The Local Historic District Study Committee (LHDSC) was formed in March 2011 by approval of the Selectmen to investigate and make recommendations on the application for a Local Historic District in Bolton.

We can be very thankful that so many buildings from our town’s past still remain in the village center. However, without a local historic district, our village center could be lost forever through future demolitions and alterations.  A local historic district will help to guide future changes, making sure that historic character will remain a distinct part of our village center.

In a local historic district, exterior architectural features visible from a paved public named street are reviewed by a Selectman-appointed local historic district commission (5 Members with diverse background) to make sure that the proposed changes are appropriate to the historic character of the district.

Today there are over 240 local historic districts in Massachusetts and that number grows each year.  Some of these local towns include Acton, Carlisle, Concord, Groton, Harvard, Marlboro, and Shirley.

Please take a few minutes to express your thoughts on whether a local historic district is needed in the Bolton Village Center by filling out the survey.  You can either complete the paper version sent through the mail to all Bolton residents, or click here to take the survey online.

The map of the proposed district is shown below. Click the map to enlarge. A draft of the Local Historic District by-law is available here.  The Local Historic District by-law will be on the Town Warrant for the May 2012 town meeting.  If you have edits or suggestions about the by-law it is important that we get them by Feb 7th.

Thank you for your time.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Iris Berdrow

LHDSC Chairperson


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