Smith Property Sold To Bolton Conservation Trust

I am pleased to post the following updated announcement, issued by the Bolton Conservation Trust. A new chapter begins.

Bolton Conservation Trust president, Al Ferry reports that BCT has purchased the Smith Property, located in the historic district in the center of town, using financing from MassDevelopment loan funds.  BCT believes the Smith Property is important to Bolton’s future and has potential to be developed in a way that will benefit the residents of Bolton.

The Trust has formed the Bolton Center Steering Committee with a charter to plan remediation and future use.  Bob Roemer, Dan Gaffney, Bob Johnson, Bob Cohen and Chris Mariano have volunteered to serve on the Steering Committee and will be developing plans for approval by the BCT.

BCT would like to thank the efforts of the Partners for Planning for bringing this opportunity to the attention of the community and looks forward to help from the community to determine the best use of the site.

A mission of the Trust is to assist in and promote the preservation of the rural character of the Town of Bolton


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4 Responses to Smith Property Sold To Bolton Conservation Trust

  1. Joe Myerson says:

    This is great news, and entirely within the stated mission of the BCT.
    My wife and I will have to renew our membership in the Trust (we’ve let it lapse because of tough economic times).
    Thank you, BCT!

  2. Martha Remington says:

    Congratulations to the Bolton Conservation Trust and the citizens of Bolton on this new development. Martha Remington

  3. Paul Mazzarella says:

    There’s a reason why knowledgeable land developers and contractors won’t buy brownstone sites that are still contaminated. There’s a reason federal law requires liability to transfer to the new owners. When the trucks start rolling, you’ll finally understand those reasons.

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