This blog is all about the historic village center of Bolton, Massachusetts. It is for village residents, town residents, and all those who simply love Bolton. The idea for this blog was generated by a group of Bolton residents concerned about the historic village center.

There are potential changes in the wind that could significantly alter the character of our town center. It is a pivotal moment. Communication is vital and so this blog is offered as a vehicle to share information and exchange views regarding the future of this unique and wonderful New England place. We hope you will find it informative, engaging, thought provoking. We hope you will find it useful for both facts and opinion. And we hope you will be both a regular reader and a contributor.

One of the primary focus areas here will be the disposition of the property associated with the former gas station/garage owned and operated for years by the Smith family. This is prime vacant space (8+ acres) in the very heart of the village. What happens with this property will go a long way toward determining what our village (and our town) will be like in ten or twenty years. And while activity relating to this property is the impetus for this blog, we will also encourage a necessary broader conversation about the future of the historic center and the town as a whole—about sustainability, the location and distribution of commercial activity in town, the economics of commercial and residential development, historic preservation, the value of neighborhood, and about community needs and desires.

This site is moderated by Roland Ochsenbein, a Bolton resident. So long as they are civil and thoughtful and on-topic, comments and posts are welcome from anyone.

So let’s start this conversation right here, right now.

—Roland Ochsenbein, July 2010

3 Responses to About

  1. Valerie M. Brown says:

    I have lived in Bolton since November, 1964. Bolton sure has changed but if this proposed shopping center is somehow approved it will be a DISASTER. I don’t think there is enough space here for my comments but 1. the Smith property (formerly a garage) is a toxic waste site and new preliminary well drillings have turned up arsenic and lead. Who will pay for this clean up? I doubt the Commonwealth. The town voted at a Town Meeting some time ago not to buy this property 2. Who in their right mind would think a major grocery chain (or even a small one) would come to Bolton.
    3. Re pharmacies, Walgreens just opened a new store in Hudson, also CVS has greatly enlarged their store, and Hudson also has Rite Aid. I have many more comments and if someone would give me an address I will send a letter. Walmart in Hudson is now enlarging to include a full line grocery store and BJ’s is building a new store on the Hudson/Berlin line next to the new Lowe’s BJ’s sells groceries.
    Please send me an address so I can write to someone.

  2. I found this blog last year, and it has been useful. It has been idle for 6 months now. Will it continue? The Smith Property issue has been resolved as it was purchased by the Bolton Conservation Commission, and I’d like to see some depth of discussion about it here if possible. Another relevant discussion would be around the mobility survey that our town has sent its residents regarding (the desperate need for) sidewalks throughout the town, something that would provide needed safety along roads, a network to get around the town by foot, and a means to increase community awareness by getting people out of cars and homes to actually meet each other. Thank you.
    Steven Erat

    • CiaO says:

      Yes, everyone should take the mobility survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Bolton_Mobility_Survey.
      Don’t be fiscally afraid, this is just for long-term planning I believe. Sudbury has had a 30-year plan that is now impressive. Stow too has been chipping away at pathway construction. Before we can get anything we have to at least have a plan and consensus on what we want, even if we may not live to see it. The future will thank you.

      As for the Smith property, i believe that the remediation procedures are on tract and that the BCT will be collecting input about what to do with the property after it is cleaned up. I am sure this blog will spring into action once that is closer to reality.
      PS: I encourage everyone to thank and support the BCT. There are some great possibilities and we are lucky they are taking it on! I am happy for small things–like the removal of the “For sale” sign that was up there for 7 years.

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